Watch our Founder Talk about Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Flash Memory Summit Keynote

Comprehensive overview of AI and its emergence as a revolutionary technology.

(This session received an audience rating of #1 out of 15 keynote talks at the conference)

Spark Summit Europe Keynote

Shorter overview of AI and its integration with big datacenter computing

Spark Summit San Francisco

More technical dive into integration with big data and various computing architectures

An Introduction to Industrial-IOT

& Paradigm Shift AI's Event Horizon Solution

Part 1:  What is Industrial IOT ?

Part 2:  Where does the Event Horizon Platform fit into IOT ?

Part 3:  What Use Cases does this address?

Introduction to what an Industrial IOT (I-IOT) platform is and what problem it is solving. (Jump to 17:12 if you want to skip the intro.)

Where Paradigm Shift AI's Event Horizon I-IOT Solution fits in and what type of applications does it solve.


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